Anna I’s Favorite Coat 75%SWM 25% Nylon fingering


Anna I’s Favorite Coat 436 yards 75% Superwash Merino 25% Nylon fingering weight

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Anna Isabelle Schrock was a tough old bird. She was tiny and mean and wildly creative. She was my dad’s mother.

She always dressed beautifully, and had something going on her crochet hook. Even when I was a teenager and went to visit her, she would fill the bathtub only 1/3 full. She wanted to save water…and she didn’t want me to drown.

When she fell and broke her hip, and was going into a care facility, we found out why she was who she was. She’d been married before my grandfather. He was a mean drunk of a merchant marine. He had been unkind to her. He left on a trip, and she left him…after taking all of the money. In the 1930’s, before such things were done. She told me she ran without any clothes, except for what she was wearing, and her favorite coat. A dark camel coat with amethyst buttons.

She was wearing it the day she met my grandfather, and started a very different life than the one she’d left.

“Anna I’s Favorite Coat,”  is 436 yards of 75%SWM and 25% Nylon. Browns, tans and cream with hints of lavender and Amethyst. Just like Anna I’s coat. I dye each skein by hand and there are no dye lots. For large projects, please alternate skeins. Backordered skeins have a turnaround of 21 days. 

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