Hummingbird 100% Superwash Merino DK


75% swm 25%nylon 225 yards, DK weight. Chestnut, spruce, chartreuse.

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Product Description

His grandmother was beautiful.

She had perfect hands, which he would watch knead the dough for the crusty bread she would bake for him, every day. She raised him when his mother got sick, and went to be with his dad “in the clouds above,” she’d say.

He would sit with her in the back garden, drinking lemonade in the summer. They would watch the hummingbirds dart among the plants and drink from the feeders. When he was older, and his beautiful grandmother also went “to the clouds above,” he begged her for a sign that she still saw him. That she still watched and loved him. As he looked out her old window, into her garden, more hummingbirds than he’d ever seen flooded the space.

In times of trouble each time after, a hummingbird would appear in some form to him. A bird, a stained glass window, on a pendant hanging from a chain on a passerby. His grandmother, letting him know she was keeping watch.

“Hummingbird” is a watercolor in yarn. Chestnut and chartreuse, blended with blue spruce. Please note that variations in color and light and dark tones of each shade are done purposefully, so that your finished piece resembles a watercolor painting. Please ask any questions you have about color, as different devices may cause shades to appear untrue to the skein. For large projects, please alternate skeins as there are no dyelots and each skein is dyed by hand, individually.

This listing is for  225 yards, 75% Superwash merino 25% nylon DK weight. Shipping is included. Backordered skeins are currently on a 21 day wait period.