My Grandmother, Anna was a maker. A small, neat woman with white hair that curled closely to her pixie face. Her eyes, rimmed with cat-eye glasses. She leaned closely in to her various projects. Hands flying over her hook, twisting and shaping the various fibers she thrifted from old sweaters, charity shops and dollar store shelves.

Crochet BlanketsShe did not coddle with words and affection was saved for special occasions. She was practical, you see. An afghan contained all of her love. All of her hugs, trimmed in girly pink. One, beautiful manifestation of everything her every day would not allow.

I drink coffee. It’s my ritual, almost regardless of time or weather. I carefully grind beans and pack the beautiful, fragrant grounds into glorious cups of steaming perfection. The smell, the movements, the ancient connection of the process. It is art to me, and every cupful I share is the simple culmination of adoration for the person sitting across from me.

coffee with latte art

My father was an artist, of the most precise variety. Razor-straight lines, and cross-hatch shading. To scale, an exact replica of the world around him. He was very uncomfortable with the abstract, and my penchant for all things outside the box, was very unsettling for him. He was precision, I? Was chaos.

Modern house design

My mother is a force of nature. She is inadvertently hilarious, boundlessly talented and makes meals from absolutely nothing. I have watched her hands, since I was little girl. Hers, so long and elegant with oval fingernails and slim fingers. She made folding laundry look graceful and chic. Her beautiful hands were often covered in cookie dough, her face in a smile. Our house always smelled fragrant and sweet. We were never hungry, and her love made that so.

uncooked cookies on baking tray


I am an imperfect blend of these things. Of loving and artistic, of practical and elegant. Of hardworking and layabout. I am not as hardworking as my grandmother, as precise as my father, as nurturing as my mother. My cast-on in knitting is messy. My art is nothing but abstract. My hands are strong from years of making.

But these things don’t matter. As in nature, the beauty lies in the imperfection.



I encourage you to create. embrace the imperfect, the handmade, the anti-mass produced. Get fiber in-between your fingers. Get your stitches twisted. Get your artwork made and worry about the straightness of your lines, another day.

Get paint on your hands, up your arms, in your hair.


Join in my journey of creation, and let me join yours. Let’s celebrate. Go. Make. Create. Inspire.




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